The Angels are waiting for you!

Here you will gain the insight and experience to increase your rapport and ability to communicate with the Angelic or etheric realm. In the first class you will learn how to tune in to your Angels and how to establish a clear channel of communication for yourself. 

What You'll Learn

Class 1
• All About the Angels
• Receive an Angelic Attunement
• How to Channel the Angels for  Personal Insight and Guidance
• Meet Your Guardian Angel

Class 2
• How to Use Angel Cards and Do  Readings for Yourself and Others
• How to Use Grounding and Protection

Class 3
• How to Do Mediumship from the Angelic Realm
• How to Read Past Lives with the Help of the Angels

About Your Instructor


Haleya Priest

Haleya Priest is the founder of the Pioneer Valley Reiki School, the Akashic Book of Life, Angel School, and operates the Sanctuary Healing Arts Center with her husband, Thom Levy. She has been a practitioner of the healing arts for over 30 years. She brings life experience that affords a deep wisdom. She is an intuitive, trained psychotherapist, licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and Akashic Record Practitioner. She has also trained in Matrix Energetics, as well as other healing modalities.She was the Spiritual Counselor for the VNA & Hospice of Cooley Dickinson, Northampton, MA for five years.Her strengths as an intuitive, healer, and guide are her gentle presence and intuitive knowing that help guide a deep and rich healing process. She is well known for her healing hands that “listen” & promote a deep healing touch to those who work with her.

Class 1 Curriculum

  • 2

    Class 1 - The Angels and You

    • 2017 Angel Guide Manual Class 1

  • 3

    Angel Basics

  • 4

    Receive an Angelic Attunement

  • 5

    How to Give Yourself an Angelic Reading

  • 6

    Journaling with the Archangels

    • Intro to Journaling with the Archangels

    • How to Self Journal with the Archangels

    • Archangel Self-Portal Prayer pdf

    • All about Archangels

    • All about Archangel Raphael

    • Journaling with Archangel Raphael

    • All about Archangel Gabriel

    • Journaling with Archangel Gabriel

    • All about Archangel Michael

    • Journaling with Archangel Michael

    • All about Archangel Uriel

    • Journaling with Archangel Uriel

    • Archangels Closure

  • 7

    Meet Your Guardian Angel

    • Preparing to Meet Your Guardian Angel

    • Meet Your Guardian Angel Guided Meditation

    • Post Meditation Check-in

  • 8

    Class 1 Conclusion

    • Class I Conclusion

  • 9

    Class 1 Quiz

    • Class 1 Quiz

  • 10

    Class 2 - The Angels and Reading Others

    • Angel Guide Manual Class 2

    • What You'll Need

  • 11

    Angel Reading without Cards

    • The Five Clairs - Quick Review

    • Our Portal Prayer for Others

    • Doreen's Portal Prayer for Others

    • Angel Reading Without Cards Part 1

    • Angel Reading Without Cards Part 2

  • 12

    Angel Reading with Cards

    • Intro to Angel Card Reading

    • Blessing and Clearing Your Deck

    • Shuffling your Deck

    • One Card Reading

    • Three Card Reading

    • Angel Card Reading Demo Part 1

    • Angel Card Reading Demo Part 2

    • Using More than One Deck

    • Grounding and Protection

    • Class 2 Conclusion

    • Quiz Class 2

  • 13

    Class 3 - The Angels, Mediumship and Past Lives

    • Angel Guide Manual Class 3

    • Intro to Mediumship and Past lives

    • Mediumship Part 1

    • Mediumship Part 2

    • Past Lives Part 1

    • Past Lives Part 2

  • 14

    Final Questions and Answers

    • Nonattachment

    • Sharing Everything

    • Death and Dying

    • Soulmates

    • Where to Live

    • Clair Pretend Redux!

  • 15

    Course Conclusion

    • Course Conclusion

    • Quiz Class 3

    • Angel Guide Reader Certification Requirements

    • Angel Guide Reader Documentation


Social Worker


This has helped me feel so connected to my Angels. Thank you!



I didn't think I would be able to read as well as I did. It was amazing!


This class has helped remove almost all fear I felt had about opening up. I learned that I do in fact have spiritual gifts and my hope is to help others. I know I have many more tools to use.