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Become the Lightworker you were meant to be

Following your calling as an Intuitive or Healer can be very intimidating.  Am I good enough? Will people want to pay for what I have to offer? Will I be able to support myself?  These are many of the questions which stand in our way and can prevent us from moving forward on the path that we are being drawn to. But do not fear. Help is on the way! Haleya and Thom have been through this and more and they are here to help guide you forward as you take the plunge into this world of spiritual healing. 

Your Dreams are calling

Embrace who you are and why you are here

 Align with your vision - Clear your blocks and fears - Get answers to real world problems

About Your Instructors


Haleya Priest and Thom Levy

Haleya and Thom have been teaching and working together for over 25 years. Their smoothly integrated teaching style helps students understand what is being presented on all levels. Both comfortable and engaging, Haleya and Thom's teaching style offers viewers a balanced perspective on whatever is being presented. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to use your Spiritual alignment for success

  • How to move through inner blocks to success

  • The details of self-employment

  • Practical strategies for dealing with real world business issues



Denise Barry, Tai Chi Instructor

Honest to goodness real, practical, and enjoyable

Terri Kocot, Salon Owner/Reiki Healer

Awesome foundational info

Ruth Riley, Nurse/Reiki Practitioner

This met and surpassed my expectations


  • $49.00

    includes videos, workbook, and private facebook support group

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Additional Support

  • One on One coaching


    Individually designed coaching sessions geared to your exact needs